Cooktop Repair Calgary

Fast Appliance Repair provides professional cooktop repair services in Calgary that you can afford and rely on. Appliances are magnificent devices that have a huge impact on our day-to-day lives. For instance, devices such as cooktops enable us to produce high temperatures at the turn of a dial. Additionally, cooktops over you – the chef in charge – a seamless cooking experience. With intuitive designs and reactive elements, cooking has never been so fun!

You’ve invested in a quality device, so why not invest into a quality cooktop repair service in Calgary? Our technicians have years of experience providing quality cooktop repair services in Calgary that will leave your device working like new. Additionally, we have all of the necessary tools, equipment and expertise to complete your service in a timely manner. And it doesn’t matter what kind of make, model or brand you own, our technicians will fix it. That is to say, whether you own the latest Miele cooktop, equipped with the latest features, or you have an older model – we can help. So for quality cooktop repair services in Calgary that will leave your device working like new, give Fast Appliance Repair a call today!


Steve DiPietro

I’m a little confused by some of the low ratings for this company. I’ve had them out on multiple occasions for appliance repairs covered under warranty and the tech was friendly, knowledgeable, and helped me to understand the issues as he was fixing them. I’ve had no issues in scheduling and speaking to customer service was always an easy experience.

Judy Gile

Amazing! Got a quick appointment, diagnostic and parts ordered. Very professional service agent. He called on his way over, showed up on time and very knowledgeable about the appliance and brand. Reinstalled my positive opinion of Bosch. Highly recommend

Rose Michels

I found Fast Appliance Repair from the warranty company. I am SO glad they forwarded the service order to Fast Appliance Repair. Our technician was what every service person should be…polite, on time, knowledgeable, and helpful. They have great tracking so I knew just when he would arrive and scheduling was easy. Very pleased with our service and will use them even for non-warrantied items.

Eric Oberdorff

Alex was top notch! He was able to answer any questions, explain the issue with my refrigerator and how to correct it, and was punctual. He also cleaned up any messes made on the floor by the built up ice from the freezer. I recommend this company for the job he did today!

Same Day Cooktop Repair

Fast Appliance Repair also offers same day cooktop repair services for our customers in Calgary.

If you’re tired of waiting around all week for your technician, you’re not alone. It’s a common issue. Although, it really shouldn’t be. Appliances play an integral role in our day-to-day lives. So it’s important that they’re running smoothly. Besides, you have a life to live. People to see, things to do, and probably a job to maintain. So waiting around for your technician to finally come by can be infuriating. However, with our same day cooktop repair services, we’ll have your cooktop working within a few hours.

Thanks to our commercial vehicles, we have all of the necessary tools, equipment, and even quality spare parts on hand. That is to say, our technicians can complete your same day cooktop repair service in Calgary in a single visit. We always provide quality same day cooking repair services in Calgary that leave lasting results.

So cut the wait times with our professional same day appliance repair services. Our technicians will be working on your appliance in no time! And we’ll make sure that it’s working properly before we leave.

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Emergency Cooktop Repair

At Fast Appliance Repair, we provide emergency cooktop repair services in Calgary for when you’re trapped between a rock and hard place.

We don’t really think of appliance repair and emergencies in the same way. However, an emergency is a subjective thing when it comes to appliance repair. In other words, you don’t have to wait till the house is on fire to call us for our emergency cooktop repair services – in fact we’d prefer you called us way before. Ultimately, the point is to provide speedy services for when your appliance requires urgent attention.

We have commercial vehicles that we’ve stocked with everything that we need in order to complete your emergency cooktop repair services in Calgary in a timely manner. We take a systematic approach to every job. First, we’ll run some diagnostics in order to isolate the problem. Once we know what’s wrong – your emergency cooktop repair service in Calgary will be a straightforward process. Before starting any repairs, we’ll consult with you. Our technician will go over the problem and explain the solution as well as the cost. Once you give us the green light, we’ll get straight to work. Because your satisfaction is our priority.

Common Cooktop Problems

Cooktops are essential kitchen appliances, but like any other appliance, they can encounter various problems over time. Here are some common cooktop problems you might encounter:

  • Burner Won’t Heat: This is a frequent issue and could be due to a faulty burner element, a bad receptacle block, or a defective control switch.
    Inconsistent Heating: If the burner heats unevenly or doesn’t maintain a consistent temperature, it might be due to a malfunctioning thermostat, sensor, or control board.
  • Burner Overheating: If a burner gets too hot or won’t turn off, it could be a problem with the control switch or a short in the wiring.
  • No Power: When the cooktop doesn’t turn on at all, it might be a blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker, or a problem with the power cord.
  • Spark Ignition Issues: Gas cooktops use a spark ignition system to light the burners. If the spark ignition doesn’t work, it can lead to problems with lighting the burners.
  • Gas Smell: If you smell gas when the cooktop is off, there could be a gas leak, and it should be addressed immediately for safety reasons.
  • Cracked Glass Surface: Glass cooktops are susceptible to cracking or chipping, which not only affects aesthetics but can also be a safety hazard.
  • Control Panel Problems: Issues with the control panel, such as unresponsive buttons or error codes, can disrupt the functionality of the cooktop.
  • Clicking Noise: Gas cooktops might produce a clicking noise even after the burner is lit, which could be due to a faulty spark module.
  • Excessive Noise or Vibration: Unusual noises or excessive vibration during operation could