Stove Repairs

A kitchen stove uses direct heat to cook food. They can be powered by either gas or electricity and often come equipped with an oven. Originally built from clay, stoves have come a long way in the past centuries. Stoves work by using fuel—gas or electricity—to create an isolated heat source that is distributed by burners to cook food thoroughly and evenly. Many people favor gas stoves over electric ones because the flame is instant and remains constant. Problems many stoves develop are burners not heating, malfunctioning control panels, and knobs breaking. Are you having trouble with your stove? Fast Appliance Repair is available to repair all stoves. Most consultations can be done same day.

Common Stove Problems

Control Board: The control board regulates the stove’s functions. It hosts a digital display where owners can control burner and oven temperatures. A broken control board makes it difficult to gauge temperatures and set oven timers.

Igniter: The igniter can be found on gas stoves. It is the mechanism that creates a spark while gas flows from the burner head. Igniters produce a clicking sound when turning the control knob. If an igniter breaks, burners will have to be lit manually.

Infinite Switch: The infinite switch is the control knob that allows for the temperature to be set from high, low, and anywhere in between. A good way to gauge if an infinite switch is broken is to check if the surface element will not heat.

Range Hood: The range hood is located above the stove and provides ventilation and light. Some range hoods include fans that help keep the cooking space comfortable. A broken range hood can disrupt ventilation which may cause smoke to collect in the kitchen.

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