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Refrigerator Not Cooling

When your refrigerator isn’t cooling, our technicans will visually inspect the system and use tools like a manifold guage to determine if the problem is a bad compressor, freon leak, or copper tubing or something else like the cold control, condenser fan, or defrosting system.

By unplugging the refrigerator and opening the freezor compartment to expose the coils. Then plug the unit back into the wall and the technican will let it run for a few minutes with the freezor door closed. Then they will open up the freezer and observe the coil to ensure it is lightly frosted slightly over 1/2 of the coil.

If the coil is wet and clammy or frost exists on a small portion of the coil, then the problem is most likely with a bad compressor or freon leak.

Oven Won’t Heat

Oven Won’t Heat

If the oven is on, but won’t heat, our technicans will test the thermal fuse for continuity. Continuity tests to make sure […]