Oven Won’t Heat

Appliance Problems

If the oven is on, but won’t heat, our technicans will test the thermal fuse for continuity. Continuity tests to make sure that electricity is flowing thru the thermal fuse. Using a voltage meter, the technician will ensure electricity is not being blocked and flowing freely from one end of the unit to other.

If the Continuity Test fails, we may use the following steps to replace the thermal fuse

    • Step 1: Disconnect electrical power
    • Step 2: Remove the wall oven from the cabinet
    • Step 3: Remove the outer back panel
    • Step 4: Remove the thermal fuse
    • Step 5: Install the new thermal fuse
    • Step 6: Reattach the back panel
    • Step 7: Reinstall the oven
    • Step 8: Turn on power to the oven

Average time: 60 minutes

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