Dryer Repairs

Clothes dryers have been around since 1800 and required the use of a hand crank. The first electric clothes dryer was released in 1938. Dryers are common household appliances, often paired with a washing machine. Hot air is circulated through rotating drums, known as tumblers, which remove the moisture from clothes. The tumbler rotates to keep clothes moving and the air space between clothing flowing freely. Common problems dryers develop over time include being too noisy, not heating, not tumbling, or the tumbler being too hot. Fast Appliance Repair understands the hassle a broken dryer can create. We are able to repair all dryers and can often do same day consultations.

Common Dryer Problems

Drive Belt: The drive belt is located between the motor and drum. It is the part of the dryer that helps the drum move. If a dryer is not running, a broken drive belt could be the problem.

Door Switch: Door switches are a safety mechanism that prevent the dryer from running if the door is open. If a dryer continues to run even after the door is opened, the door switch may be broken.

Gasket: Also known as a dryer door seal, the gasket outlines the inner door panel and prevents heat from escaping through the dryer door. If broken, clothes may take longer to dry resulting in a use of excess energy.

Lint Screen: Lint screens and filters often slide into the top of dryers or can be found between the drum and door. They collect lint from clothes and help keep the dryer running efficiently. If left to collect lint, they can cause overheating and become fire hazards.

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